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About Us

About Us

The company was established in 1979, is Taiwan's early investment broach manufacturers, specializing in the design and manufacture, in order to meet the machining technology, the company's long-term commitment to R & D department to enhance the technology and improvement, only to create for you Highest profit and quality. The Company upholds integrity. Simple. Cordial. The authentic native way and professional skills, each broach hob gear factory have done before the most stringent checks to provide you the most confidence in the product.

The so-called broach (BROACH) refers to the order of the size, rough cutters and precision cutters most cutter tools, mainly installed in the use of the broach, called the "broach." Is a high productivity, high-precision multi-tooth tool. It can broach various shapes of the inner surface (such as round holes, polygonal holes with a variety of spline holes, etc.) and the outer surface (such as steam turbine blade root groove, external gear and connecting rod semi-circular hole with the mouth plane, etc.).

Broaching force acting on the broaching machine pull the majority of tension, but there is pressure. Tensile known as the broach, under pressure as a push knife. Taking into account the stability of the pressure, push the length of the knife are shorter. Broach Broaching Machine working in the form of a lot of work, and some for linear motion, and some for circular motion, and some pull broaching machine broaching process, and some workpiece movement, and some are both at the same time exercise. In most cases, the broach work, the workpiece stationary, broach for linear cutting movement. Broach feed movement is usually by the size of each tooth to increase the tooth to complete. In the general broaching broaching machine processing, before and after the two adjacent teeth height or radius size difference, known as tooth lift, usually, it is cutting thickness. Broach tooth lift is small, usually only a few percent of mm. Broach, is a special tool, manufacturing costs are high, used in large quantities and mass production more economical. However, if the shape and size of the machined surface have been standardized, the broach can be serialized and organized by the tool factory to be mass-produced. In small batch production, good economic effects can also be obtained. Broaching the standard round hole and the spline hole broach have been standardized. The company is located in:

Broach Broach processing cutting speed is generally low, commonly used 0.017-0.13m / s cutting thickness is very thin, so broaching surface finish is higher, the knife up to the general wear and tear is very slow, high durability and precision, When processing holes. Up to 1T7 ~ 9 level. If the back end of the broach is equipped with squeeze ring, up to 1T6 level and broach productivity is high, because broaches work more teeth, each tooth to participate in the work of the cutting edge and long, and in a work trip Can be completed at the same time rough, finishing.

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